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Aquaponics in Armenia

Saving 90% of Water for 45% more production!

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“Green Age” NGO is a non-profit/non-governmental organization comprising successful professionals with a same goal to save, protect and preserve the nature globally and in Armenia particularly. We are an open membership organisation striving to deliver the best of green sustainable development strategies, environmental education and environmental projects with open source outcome.

Board members of the organization are environmental and agricultural professionals who are deeply involved in the diversity of environmental sphere.

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GreenMapGreenMap project to be released soon!

The project aims to offer an open source directory for the Maps of Armenia. The data will be available to download in vector and raster data format for free.


aquaDear Friends,

Here we officially announce the start of our incredible project on Aquaponics.
Green Age NGO is the first to give life to Aquaponic Garden in Armenia.

We sincerely express our gratitude to Norwegian Embassy for confiding us the Grant Program to realize this project of a vital importance for the agriculture of Armenia.

We are going to represent the the whole meaning of Aquaponics and the agricultural opportunities it can convey throughout our country – Armenia.
So stay calm and circulate with us 


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Aquaponics Farm in Armenia


Protecting Armenian Whyskered Bat

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