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Aquaponics in Armenia


Aquaponics Farm in Armenia

Green Age NGO has started the project of aquaponics in Armavir region of Armenia, due the support of Norwegian Embassy. Being the first to give life to an Aquaponic Garden in Armenia.

Products grown in aquaponic environment are widely accepted in eEuropeanmarket, though the practice doesn’t exist in the whole Caucasus region. Considering the fact that Armenia is a region of diverse landscapes and climatic variations, the successful  accomplishment of the first aquaponic farm model may greatly affect the agricultural-economical development of Armenia, as a great percentage of the total land areas are not classified as usable for agricultural purposes.

500x500The aim of project is the facilitation of the land cultivation (soil based agriculture)  in the regions not appropriate for rich watering and extensive harvest. The project will fully demonstrate the farmers how they can increase profit generation through agriculture in a limited land and water conditions.

Aquapoinics is an innovative and environmentally friendly food production system, combining the crop and fish production: raising and production of aquaculture and the hydroponic cultivation of agricultural plants. The symbiotical nature of plant cultivation and fish growing in a self-sustainable recirculating ecosystem based on a natural bacterial cycles to convert fish waste to plant nutrients is completely environmentally friendly organic food-growing method that harnesses the best attributes of aquaculture and hydroponics without the need to discard any water or filtrate, or add any chemical fertilizers.

GreenAge NGO is delighted to be honored to implement the project through the support of Norwegian Embassy, and we express our deepest acknowledges to Mr. Timothy D. Straight the Norwegian Honorary Consul in Armenia, for the great support in funding the project. We currently are seeking funding for the extension of funding of the project which will add a training center facility for the project.

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