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Armenian Whiskered Bat


Armenian Whiskered Bat – Myotis hajastanicus

The project aims to implement a research on finding and protecting the habitat and mating territories of Armenian Whiskered Bat (Myotis hajastanicus), IUCN ver. 3.1 Categorized as Critically Endangered D (estimated population less than 50 mature individuals).

The species lacks of research and publications, and the major information available is the approximate habitat to be at the central northern part of Armenia.

The Armenian Whiskered Bat is an endemic species to Armenia with a sole geographically isolated population limited by Geghama mountain range from the North and Lake Sevan from the South. Thus the only possible application of conservation means to the target species can be applied in Armenia and predominantly will only include Armenia. Nevertheless, the fact that the habitat of the Armenian Whiskered Bat is situated considerably near to the state border it is possible that due to the local small scale migration the population abundance may reach the bordering areas of neighboring countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia).